Use myWardrobe Online to Transition into Spring

At this time of year, as the weather gradually starts to warm up, it feels great to toss aside the chunky sweaters & heavy boots and reach for something a little less bulky.

With spring break just around the corner it’s a great time to reflect on what’s hanging in your closet … Before you start filling it with the next season’s gems, let’s clear some hanging space so you can use myWardrobe Online to transition into spring with ease.

Pack Away Your Heaviest Pieces

Closet Clean Out: There's An App For That

This is a great time to get rid of those neglected winter items that you didn’t wear at all this past season. Chances are good that you won’t wear them next winter either, so post them on myWardrobe Online now while the weather’s still chilly (this is Canada after all – it’s still winter somewhere!) Take photos of those items (read more about taking good photos for resale here), and pack them up in a box or bag that’s out of sight but you can still access easily.

You’re still going to wear your favourite cooler weather pieces for a little bit yet, so don’t pack away all your fall & winter clothing. But you can slowly start incorporating your warmer weather items into your wardrobe and gradually transition to spring.

Bring Out Your Spring Gear

Unpack your last-years spring clothing and hang it all up. Check for stains, holes, or general dislike of an item that might makes it undesirable to you, and separate it for sale, donation or recycling. Anything you feel that’s in good quality for resale can help you regain some value from the money you’ve already spent. Take photos of these items and set them aside. You can pack them with the fall & winter pieces you selected for resale, out of sight but easily accessible.

Clean out your closet

Once you’ve got your spring items unpacked, sort your closet so it makes sense to you. Some people do it by colour, moving from black through neutrals into the brightly coloured items of spring & summer.

Sort, Style & Wear!

My stylist (Lori from StyleSmarts) recommends sorting by style rather than colour, and I think I prefer this method. It makes sense because you have to pick one bottom, one top, one jacket, and a scarf. When they’re grouped together in categories, it’s easier to see what you have in each group and select appropriate pieces that work together. It also helps to see what you might be missing for the season. Maybe you need to freshen up your long-sleeve collection by adding a fun printed blouse or a juicy-hued spring sweater.

Now you can gradually start incorporating these spring items by layering them with some warmer pieces. Your short-sleeve tops can be worn under a light sweater or cardi, spring skirts paired up with bright tights, and you can gradually incorporate lighter jackets & scarves instead of their bulkier winter cousins.

Keep Your Fashion in Circulation

Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels

Take a few minutes to post those items you set aside for resale. myWardrobe Online wants to help you regain some of the value hanging in your closet. By taking no commission, you get full value of your sale to spend on your next great purchase, all the while helping keep great fashion in circulation and out of the landfill! (If you need some tips on creating a post, you can read more here)

Spring is always a time of change & transition. We look forward to new opportunities and ways we can improve ourselves and the world around us. For the love of fashion, we hope that by using myWardrobe Online, you can help us be part of a positive change towards sustainability in the fashion industry.

Your Fashion Sense Doesn’t Have to Cost the Earth

What do you do to help be more sustainable with your fashion?

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