Our mission is to make your wardrobe – and our planet – a more sustainable, stylish place.

myWardrobe Online was cofounded by Richard James and Virginia Ireland in beautiful Vancouver, BC, Canada.

The idea for myWardrobe was sparked by an all-too-familiar scenario: Richard was watching his partner, Virginia, rifle through her closet exclaiming (once again!) that she had nothing to wear.

The closet was full of unique and designer pieces that Virginia had curated over the years, and yet they were hanging there, unworn but in perfect condition. So Richard thought, “What if there was a platform designed to connect women’s closets, helping them update their own wardrobes by passing on their unused pieces to someone new?”

Fast Fashion Fact:
The fashion industry is the second largest polluter in the world behind the oil industry

Once Virginia (aka “The Recycle Queen”) was looped into the idea, they realized they’d hit upon a concept that could make a lasting impact on reducing the amount of waste produced by the fashion industry. Instead of just replacing unused clothing items with something new from a mall or online retailer, why not give someone else the opportunity to discover something new for their wardrobe at a fraction of the price? This not only saves everyone money, but also reduces both the buyer and the seller’s environmental impact by keeping clothing and accessories in circulation and out of the landfill, while also reducing the demand for garments produced by the toxic fast fashion industry.

And so myWardrobe Online was born. Along the way, we’ve upgraded the platform to include features that will make your shopping and selling experience easier, more convenient and way more fun! Best of all, every single time you buy a new item or sell your unworn clothing on myWardrobe Online, you’re actively contributing to a healthy, sustainable circular economy while minimizing your own environmental impact!

What’s a Circular Economy?

The first step of taking charge of our environmental footprint is to change the mindset of how we consume things. Since we entered the modern production era, first world countries have operated primarily under a take-make-waste method of production.

This means we harvest raw nonrenewable resources, produce them into consumer goods and then discard them when they are no longer needed. This is the quickest and cheapest method of production in the fashion industry.

But along the way, the industry consumes finite natural materials (water, farmland, unrenewable resources), creates pollutants and toxic wastes (inorganic materials, dyes, micro-fibres), and contributes to a devastating social impact in the countries we rely on to make our clothing cheaply. And at the very end of the line, you walk away with that $30 blouse from that large international retail chain that’s just down the road.

Does that deal seem worth it?

Fast Fashion Fact:
A family in the western world throws away an average of 30 kg of clothing each year. Only 15% is recycled or donated, and the rest goes directly to the landfill or is incinerated.

There is a solution to help lessen the impact of these harmful production models.

A circular economy is an economic system that eliminates waste by keeping resources in use and in circulation. Instead of take-make-waste, it aims to recycle-reuse-remake. This lessens the strain on the environment in a myriad of ways by reducing unnecessary waste and harmful by-products, just by keeping consumer items in circulation instead of tossing them in the trash.

By its design, myWardrobe Online and its community members are actively contributing to this model by giving the unwanted and unused clothing items hanging in our closets a second chance with somebody new.

We created our in-app currency Kudos to encourage our members to jump into our circular economy straight away, at no cost to you. When you use your Kudos to shop, you can easily update your wardrobe without investing any more of your hard-earned cash into your closet.

It’s easier to join the sustainable fashion movement than you think. Join our community of stylish and environmentally conscious members – you’ll receive 50 Kudos just for signing up!

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