Buy & sell preloved fashion with cash or Kudos. The choice is yours.

What Are Kudos?

Kudos are myWardrobe Online’s in-app currency. Kudos allow you to buy & sell within the app without spending more cash on clothes*! To keep the pricing of your items simple, they have a 1K:$1 value inside the app, but do not have street value. If you’re ready to make the switch from fast-fashion to sustainable shopping, we want to give you Kudos where Kudos are due!

We’re firm believers in the sustainability of a healthy circular economy,​ ​s​o when you use your Kudos to shop, you can update your style without investing any more money into refreshing your wardrobe.

We’re proud to offer new members 50 Kudos just for joining our community. As a bonus, if you upload 3 approved items within 14 days of signing up, we’ll reward you with an extra 50 Kudos!

Using Kudos as your currency of choice in myWardrobe Online comes with a few sweet perks:

  • The sign-up bonus of 50 Kudos gets you shopping straight away with zero risk – just pay for shipping!
  • Enjoy no commission or service fee on local pickup or shipped items when you accept payment in Kudos
  • Kudos are transferred immediately between buyer and seller, so they land in your account the second you make a sale!
  • Buying/selling in Kudos incurs no extra costs except minimum shipping charges and a small service fee for the buyer

What About Cash?

If you’re Marie Kondo-ing your closet and you’re not in need of more clothing, you can also choose to accept cash payments for your items. Cash transactions are not subject to a service fee, but myWardrobe does apply a small commission for cash sales: $3.50 for items listed for under $20, and 18% on items that are listed at $20 or higher. We’re also required to charge GST on cash sales (5% of the listed price).

Once your items have sold and have been received by the buyer, you can opt to cash out on the app and have your hard-earned dollars deposited right into your bank account.

How Does Shipping Work?

When an item is sold on the app, the buyer is responsible for paying the shipping fees. Based on Canada Post rates, shipping fees are included at cost and are added on to the listed selling price (along with GST for cash transactions). Sellers are sent a prepaid shipping label so all they need to do is print it out, box it up and pop it in the mailbox!

Fast Fashion Fact: While clothing production doubled from 2000-2014 and the number of garments purchased by consumers increased by 60%, consumers are only keeping their apparel half as long as they did 20 years ago. That’s a lot of lightly-used clothing in the landfill!

Ready To Redeem Your Kudos?

Take the first step to minimizing your environmental footprint by downloading myWardrobe Online today.

When you join our community of stylish and eco-friendly members, we’ll give you a bonus 50 Kudos just for signing up!

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