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How To Take Great Pictures For Your myWardrobe Posts

Taking excellent photos is so much easier today than it has ever been before! Cameras on our smartphones are able to capture high quality photos that are astoundingly clear to the naked eye. The instantaneous nature of capturing and sharing photos online has simplified the process of selling clothes online. Whether it’s a well-loved pair of Jimmy Choo heels or a floral Kate Spade dress, the likelihood of selling a piece of clothing is dependent on the quality of photo taken. Do those vibrant magenta heels still shine like they’re new? Do the pleated patterns on the dress still sit in its proper place? It’s all in the details — and how you capture them.

Ideally, the garment should be shown with as much detail as possible. It should also remain true to its colour and texture, to give the buyer the best understanding of the piece they are inquiring to buy. Interested in selling more items and collecting more Kudos for future purchases on the myWardrobe Online app? Set aside some time to learn how to capture the best photos of your clothing.

Here are a few tips + tricks to make your clothing look amazing:

How to Take Great Pictures for Posting Items - myWardrobe

Picture Composition

It’s all about placement.

We can speak from experience here; the best looking photos of clothing show their shape — either on a body or a mannequin. The best case scenario is to use someone’s body to capture a portrait photo. If you’re shooting alone, use a selfie stick so you can get the whole piece of clothing into the shot. Or, have a little fashion show with a friend and have them shoot the items on you.

A mannequin also works really well if you can get your hands on one. Ideally, try not to lay the item flat on a bed or table to shoot it, as it’s hard to give the garment its proper shape. If you have to hang the item on a hanger for the photo, try to position it carefully so the shoulders are in the right place, the buttons are straight down the front, etc. to mimic what it would look like if it were on a body.

Lights, Camera, Action!

Lighting your photos.

We don’t all have studio lighting on hand to do a professional photo shoot, but using natural light can help immensely with colour accuracy. If possible, shoot your photos in a north facing room rather than south facing or in direct sunlight. This way, the lighting is not as harsh and provides more accurate colour representation. Many artificial lights will change the colour in the photo; fluorescents tend to add a greenish or yellowish tone, while warm lamp light adds a yellow or orange tone to the photo – effectively changing that pristine white sweater to an off-white, yellowy colour. I Plan to shoot in regular daylight for the most accurate colour representation and eliminate any harsh shadows that may prohibit others from viewing the details of the whole garment.

myWardrobe front angleFind Your Angles, Darling

The direct approach.

Photograph the garment straight on, rather than from above or below. Any distortion tends to make the shape of the item look a little odd. Stand back to get the whole item into the shot, you can always crop it down later to take out the extra space.

It’s All in the Details

If possible, get a close-up of the fabric, especially if there’s something special to show off! Buttons, trim, or lace make a really nice detail to point out to buyers. A shot of a zipper or loop on the back to show fastenings is also a good idea. Anything that will help to sell your item — and earn your Kudos to spend — should be shown off!

myWardrobe fabric

What About Filters?

Using filters will likely change the colour in the photo. Therefore, filters aren’t typically recommended for this kind of photo. However, filters could be used for a black or white item if colour is not an issue, though keep in mind you may lose some of the detail when you add the filter. Overall, it is best to go unfiltered and leave the artsy shots for Instagram!.

Rule of Thumb: Gently Worn, Clean, and High Quality

Remember to post only gently worn items, and please make sure they are clean before you ship them off to their new home! No one wants to purchase a stained or damaged item. myWardrobe wants to promote a culture of trust among its buyers and sellers, so we ask for only high quality, non-damaged items to be posted.

All photos will be approved by our staff to ensure the item looks it’s best, so you can trust that you are getting the most out of your myWardrobe experience. Follow our tips for taking the best photos you can. If you submit a photo that’s not accepted, it’s likely because we’re not seeing a proper representation of the garment. We’ll tell you what we think is wrong with the photo, so you can try again and start collecting your Kudos!

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