Why Pay for Shipping, You Ask?

Why Shipping Costs?

The Exchange of Fashion is Cash-free for in-app Kudos

Unlike consignment stores and other online retailers, myWardrobe Online doesn’t take any commissions — sometimes 30% – 50% through traditional second-hand retailers! — or markups to cover costs. Instead, we are an online community that aims to connect savvy shoppers; and that means we all have to chip in! While the exchange of fashion is cash-free for in-app ‘Kudos’, shipping is on you so we can keep all those other costs down. This model supports our mission to reduce and reuse fashion, keeping it out of the landfill and in style as it was meant to be!

How myWardrobe Shipping Works

myWardrobeonline.org offers in-app shipping for the protection of our community members. To avoid unnecessary shipping costs, we’ve set up easy shipping so that you’re always getting exactly what you want, for the price you should be paying.

A myWardrobe Shipping Cost Breakdown

You’ve found the perfect item! You’ve spent your in-app Kudos — and kept your cash in your wallet — now it’s time for shipping. myWardrobe Online will calculate the shipping costs based on the addresses input by both the buyer and seller when they joined.


Shipping costs $13.27

  1. $13.27 minus the 5% tax that’s included in every estimate = $12.61
  2. $12.61minus the Stripe (the myWardrobe transaction platform) service fee of .68 cents = $11.93
  3. $11.93 minus $9.22 for Canada Post = $2.71
  4. $2.71 minus $1.10 fuel surcharge = $1.61
  5. The myWardrobe fee= $1.61

Shipping Tips

Reduce costs and ensure your myWardrobe Online shopping and selling process are as seamless as possible.

  1. Make sure you put down the correct weight of the items, and don’t forget to include packaging!
  2. Most items like dresses and tops will be under 1 pound (.5kg). Heavier items like boots and coats typically weigh 3 – 4lbs (1.2-2 kgs).

As our shipping volume goes up, our shipping rates will go down and we can’t wait to pass those savings on to you!

The myWardrobe Shipping Process

  1. Once a purchase is made, the app calculates shipping charges based on Canada Post rates from the seller’s location to the buyer’s location as entered upon joining myWardrobe. You can change your address at any time under Profile.
  2. The buyer always pays shipping charge. Not bad for new-to-you, quality style shipped direct to your door!
  3. Once the shipping has been paid by the buyer, the seller receives a shipping label via email.
  4. The seller packages the item, attaches the shipping label to the package and drops it off at post office!
  5. High quality, pre-loved fashion is kept out of the landfill and in our closets where they belong.

The Exchange of Fashion is Cash-Free for in-app Kudos

You get the full value of your sale to spend on your next favourite piece of clothing. Your fashion sense doesn’t have to cost the earth.

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