Keep Good Fashion Circulating

Keep Good Fashion Circulating

One of the key concepts behind myWardrobe is the idea that we can reduce our environmental footprint in one simple way: keeping good fashion in circulation.

It’s easy:

  1. Download the myWardrobe app and start posting those pieces you no longer like, but someone else will love!
  2. Give and exchange clothing with your friends. Bonus points: host a clothing swap party!
  3. Donate to a local charity.

The future is now

We all share the responsibility of reducing the impact of our eco-footprint. Did you know that for every new, cotton t-shirt you don’t buy, you can help save approximately 2,100 litres of water? This is the same amount of water that we drink in about 3 years!

Individuals aren’t the only ones keeping the environment in mind when it comes to sustainable fashion. Popular brands are also getting on board. H&M recently started a program called Close the Loop that repurposes old, worn-out items into new clothes. I:CO, a Swiss company responsible for redistribution and recycling in the shoe and garment business, aims for maximum usage of its collected items.Everything is transformed: raggedy old sweaters into a new pair of denim jeans,  the tiniest scraps of waste into cardboard or car seat stuffing.

These companies are proving that nothing should, or needs, to be wasted. We need to think of our planet’s future today, before resources run out. Stay informed and make smart, sustainable decisions.

However, CBC’s Marketplace recently published a report on what really happens to old clothes that are supposedly recycled. In actuality, only 35% of the items collected by I:CO are recycled into carpet padding, painters’ cloths or insulation. Since blended fibres make it difficult for fabrics to break down, they end up in the landfill instead. In truth, H&M is one of the largest culprits of fast fashion, so it’s questionable how much good their recycling program is doing when compared to the damage they are undoubtably causing. To learn more, read about H&M’s pledge to sustainability, watch their trailer on garment collecting, or read up about I:CO’s innovative recycling methods to get inspired and follow their lead — start repurposing your own clothing today!

Join the sustainable revolution!

MyWardrobe hopes to bring light to this serious issue. We strive to keep good fashion and quality clothing in circulation through reselling, recycling, repurposing, and donating to charity. By circulating good quality clothing items to new users, we are able to keep good fashion out of the landfill; and that’s something we can all be proud of!

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