journey to a sustainable wardrobe

Journey Towards a Sustainable Wardrobe

I’ve been reading a lot lately about creating a sustainable wardrobe. I find the concept of a capsule wardrobe–a number of key items that work in different ways to create different looks, so exciting! What do you think?

Are you overwhelmed by your closet?

I have to admit. I feel overwhelmed by my closet more often than not. Even though I’m not a huge shopper, I go through the odd phase of ‘needing new clothes’ and doing a periodic binge shop to satisfy my craving for ‘new stuff’. While I usually pick clothing that works for me, it’s not always with an outfit in mind. I end up with pieces that are generic and don’t necessarily make a comment about my personal style. As a result, I generally feel unfulfilled at the end of my experience and don’t feel any closer to having the wardrobe I truly want.

My Journey Towards a Sustainable Wardrobe

Keeping this all in mind, unfortunately, money is sometimes not in abundance and sadly I can’t hit the designer racks of Holt Renfrew every time I want to update my closet. Additionally, I’m starting to feel that this is not the answer I‘m looking for. The more I read about the fashion industry, the more I realize how much things need to change, and we – by making wise purchases and choices – are the elements of change. Instead of those designer pieces I was craving, perhaps statement pieces are what I’m really looking for. Ethically and sustainably sourced? Even better!!

A few resources for creating the perfect capsule wardrobe:

To begin the journey to a more sustainable wardrobe, start by doing some research. The following three resources are a perfect place to start for many different topics, from fashion to food to music.

The Good Trade

The Good Trade, which provides insightful daily inspiration to working towards a more sustainable lifestyle, just blogged about creating a $500 capsule wardrobe. Here’s the link to their editor’s suggestions for creating five completely different wardrobe options. It’s a good place to start with a small collection of key pieces.

Ethically Engaged

Ethically Engaged is another site that offers sustainable lifestyle options and informed buying choices in fashion, beauty and the home. Brodie has written a post on a key basic to the capsule wardrobe; the white t-shirt. Read here for your best selection of ethically sourced long & short sleeved tees in a variety of key cuts and styles.

My Green Closet

My Green Closet is based in Edmonton, and features pages presenting a wider selection of pieces to transition through the seasons. VerenaErin offers up some really great ideas for layering as the weather gets cooler – and somewhat unpredictable! You can see her Fall and Winter 2018 capsule wardrobe lists here.

Hopefully I’ve helped you gain some insight and ideas while following these talented ladies who are so full of wealth of knowledge. More is to come from me as I take this inspiration and start my own journey towards a sustainable wardrobe! Stay tuned…

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