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Fall Fashion Trends for 2018

The leaves are changing and cooler weather has descended: autumn is approaching. The best part of Fall? The seasonal statement pieces that you can layer with fashion’s best accessories: scarves, hats, and more. We’ve scoured the hottest fall trends to create the perfect look for every woman in the upcoming season.

Perfecting the overall look. Here are three ways to stay on-trend this Fall.

Dress Modestly

With a nod to redefining female sexuality, high necklines and low hemlines are back in style. Layering pieces — blouse, vest, AND a blazer — completes the look for a modern day take on a traditional style of dress. Add an oversize coat to really stand out from the crowd.

80s Flashback

Super pointy shoulder pads and tiny waists, oversized suits, neon floral, and stirrup pants with heels. Yaaas! But rather than going full-on Miami Vice, take one or two of these trends and pair with some of the modern trends below to keep it current.

Glossy Finish

Leather is the hot fabric of the season, whether it’s midi skirts, leather pants, or a long coat. Other fabrics like vinyl and latex in a gloss finish are also on trend for Fall 2018. Find a super shiny raincoat, or dazzle in anything metallic.

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Add a splash of colour to your wardrobe! Now that you’ve selected your style, it’s time to pick a hue.

Bright Tights & Coloured Lenses

Legs in all shades of the rainbow will be seen around town this fall, coordinated–or not–with the rest of your outfit. Tinted lenses are another great way to inject a tiny pop colour.

Head-to-Toe Colour

Millennial pink steps aside in favour of bright Fuchsia, and red has carried over from spring.

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Why blend in when you were born to stand out? Add some sophisticated prints to your new look.

Go Wild!

Animal prints are hot again. Fall for long coats and wrap dresses in your favourite animal hide, as well as some brighter versions: neon zebra, pink cheetah, and orange leopard in all shapes and silhouettes. Pair prints with black for a more sedate look.

Play Checkers

Plaid or tartan, the check trend will never go out of style. Go traditional or spice things up with some colour: bright orange, hot pink, yellow and purple.


A touch of vintage-chic tweed pairs nicely with the modern shine of leather. Combine two trends in one with a fitted tweed skirt and polished leather boots or jacket, or wear an oversize tweed coat with a shiny vinyl dress.

Prairie Prints:

Tiny floral patterns and Gingham checks in quilt-like patches are back in. Pair long, flowing skirts with cowboy boots for a boho chic, au natural look.

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Add accessories to bring the look together

It’s all in the details.

Fringe detailing is still hot on long and short skirts, tops, dresses and bags. Oversize totes are the way to go for your fall carry-all. And don’t forget, scarves are a staple for every fashionista!

Join the myWardrobe community today to stay on trend with the latest fall fashions, because as Fall 2018 is proving — good fashion never goes out of style, so recycle yours today and nab another gem for your closet while you’re at it.

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