We All Evolve; Our Journey Towards Sustainability

We All Evolve

sustainabilityYou, us, the planet. We’re in constant evolution. And our app is part of the evolution of the fashion industry as we journey towards sustainability.

Over the past 2 years, myWardrobe Online has evolved. Initially, we developed a resale clothing app that worked and were ready to push it to market. But prior to launching, we discovered we’ve been on a journey toward sustainability. After many brainstorming sessions and much learning about the industry, we decided to fine-tune our app to align more with our values and the markets’ values. The evolution has proven to be one we feel really good about and hope you will too.

Journey Towards Sustainability

sustainabilityWe care deeply about creating a change that impacts the industry and the planet. Our aim is to connect like-minded individuals who want to be part of the solution to a culture overly focused on consumption. Our purpose is to make a difference and be part of the evolution of the fashion industry. By reducing the number of clothes going into landfills & creating a vital community, members feel good about sustainably refreshing their wardrobes. We’ve created a community that shares the same values we do.

So What’s New?

The last 2 years of research, focus groups, surveys, and testing campaigns have led us to our new self. We decided to mirror the colours of nature, and combined the plush purple in our logo with some rich greens.

We’ve changed the name of our currency from ‘diamonds’ to ‘kudos’ to better reflect our ethos and what we stand for. We want you to feel realistically rewarded for purchasing vintage & thrift fashion, and we thought ‘kudos’ passed on our positive accolades for purchasing sensibly.

And, we heard the call for creating a network & community of buyers & sellers, so we added local pick-up to our features. The ability to meet up in person to exchange goods adds another layer of connection for our members.

Recoup the Value in your Wardrobe

You’ve invested in your wardrobe, and we don’t want to devalue that investment. Unlike most other clothing resale apps, we don’t take a commission on your sales. Instead, we charge a service fee -about $3.50 – on each purchase. That means that you receive the full value of the item you sell in kudos, so you can turn around and spend that on your next great purchase. It’s almost like a barter system, except that you’re not limited to one seller. You are essentially trading with multiple vendors at the same time.

You should be rewarded because your values have value.


Photo by Felix Mittermeier from Pexels

We all evolve, and we hope you join us in our journey toward sustainability. Interested in learning more? The Ellen MacArthur Foundation provides great insight into creating a circular economy.

We hope you enjoy myWardrobe Online! Welcome to our community!

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