Clean out your closet

The New Age of Resale

Cleaning Out Our Closets of the Past

Times have certainly changed. Back in the day when you wanted to clean out your closet, you had three options:

  1. Donate to a charity.

Let’s be honest, this is still a great idea! There are always plenty of people in need who benefit from new clothing for less.

  1. Visit a swap meet or host a swap party yourself.

Another great way to rid yourself of unwanted clothing! A swap allows you to trade with others of similar taste, and if all goes well, bring home something new. The downside: time and effort into planning for possibly little return.

  1. Sell through a consignment store.

This is the most popular method when trying to reclaim some of your hard earned cash spent on that dress you never wore. Unfortunately, unless your clothing pieces are quality vintage collector items, or unique designer pieces, you’ll be lucky if you get 50% of the sale price of the item–which’ll never be even close to what you paid for it.

So what is a girl to do with all of that unwanted clothing cluttering up her closets?

Welcome to the new world of online shopping!

Why not combine the positive aspects from consigning, swap meets and donating your old clothing into one fun–and convenient–option? myWardrobe Online offers a new experience in online shopping for buying and selling high quality, gently worn clothing items.

While there are endless online sites offering absolutely anything and everything you could possibly ever want or need and other, more upscale sites to buy new and gently used quality items for less–ultimately, you’re still forking out your hard-earned cash.

Wait; myWardrobe Online isn’t using cash for currency?!

Get a designer wardrobe without spending any cash

Here’s the twist on cleaning out your closet: introducing myWardrobe, a new app that provides you with your very own consignment space. There’s no cash involved in the buying & selling of clothing–instead we use an in-app currency called Kudos–and no consignment fees are taken. This means you get the full value of the items you pass on to your buyer. When you sell a gently worn, brand name or designer piece, Kudos get deposited into your account from the purchaser. For valuation purposes, $1=1 K. The more items you post and sell, the more Kudos in your account, and the more stylish items you can buy–without actually spending any money!*

myWardrobe Online is a fast and easy way to clean out your closet!

You can post items quickly with the snap of a photo and a brief description. Your followers will see your post instantly, and your account will accumulate Kudos. What better to reward yourself than by using those Kudos to get yourself something stylish and fresh? Simply use those Kudos to make your next purchase, and you’ve got a designer outfit coming your way without spending more cash!

Your closet is a treasure trove!

We need your gently worn, high-quality brand name and designer clothing and accessories to make this app a success! Once you’ve signed up, you get rewarded for making your first three posts — you’ll receive 100 K in your account to start making purchases! And once you start selling your clothes, the Kudos will add up fast, and you’ll be well on your way to acquiring your hottest fall outfit yet. 

*shipping charges on purchases will apply

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