Introducing Our New Cash System

We are introducing an updated version of the myWardrobe app that has an added cash-based feature.

This will allow you to sell your gently-loved fashion for cash if you choose, or continue with our currency-based Kudos system.

We’ve put a lot of thought into adding this new feature. As business owners and founders of the concept of myWardrobe and it’s in-app currency, we still really believe in the building of this circular economy. Using Kudos you can buy & sell fashion without spending more money on clothing, and save on commission fees that are traditionally charged on cash sales. Kudos are great when you’re happy to keep your currency in the app, buying and selling pieces as you need to. It keeps the cost of your purchases down, and provides you with access to a revolving closet.

Kudos System Saves You Money:

However, we do realize that for a lot of people, selling their fashion is a way to gain cash back without the limitation of purchasing only pre-worn fashion. Especially when selling designer and higher-priced brand name pieces, members want to get spending money back out of their original purchase. This new feature allows sellers to choose how they want to get paid. 

Cash Sales Put Cash Back in Your Wallet:

This Is Exciting News!
By adding this new feature, we are opening up the app to a wider audience which will help to increase our inventory for all of our members. That’s something to get excited about!

Our mission remains the same, to provide a platform that will help keep clothing out of the landfill and in circulation longer, and to continue to help our members drive sustainability in the fashion industry. 

Please reach out if you have questions, and feel free to join our Facebook community for updates and inside info.  

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