Your fashion sense doesn't have to cost the earth.

Download myWardrobe Online today!

Your fashion sense doesn't have to cost the earth.

The Earth has enough problems. Your closet shouldn’t be one of them. Help preserve this beautiful planet by making your beautiful wardrobe more sustainable, and more affordable.

Join myWardrobe Online a resale community app that gives your clothes a second chance with someone else. And you’ll get the full resale value for your fashion with no hefty commissions.

Download the free myWardrobe Online app today!

How it works

  • Snap a Photo.
    Set the scene, get creative, and take a photo of your item.
  • List It.
    Discover quick and easy listing with myWardrobe Online.
  • Get Paid.
    Ship your item using a prepaid label and watch your account fill up.
  • Shop.
    Use your earnings to shop the styles you love on myWardrobe Online.

Selling made easy

Why pay consignment store fees when you can sell direct to people who love your style? myWardrobe Online makes updating your wardrobe simple and fun - and you receive full value. Post clothing from your phone with our in-app tools. Once your item is sold, we send you a shipping label, so all you have to do is box it up and collect your Kudos for a job well done!

Find the statement piece you’ve been looking for

Women’s closets are a treasure trove of barely worn pieces stashed out of sight. Searching for that perfect statement piece or vintage find but want to avoid the mall? Shop the styles and brands you love on the go at prices you adore. myWardrobe Online is guilt-free shopping at its best!

Connect with a vibrant community of like-minded women

Trend Setters are always looking for their next stylish find. Connect with savvy sellers who share your style sense and follow your favourites. You’ll get instant notifications when they’ve posted something new and fabulous!

Giving your clothes brand new life

Online consignment is a great way to keep clothing out of the landfill. Every time you purchase (or sell!) a preloved item, you’re giving it new life… reducing the need for new clothing production and your impact on the environment. So Kudos to you!

Join our community today and you’ll earn 50 Kudos just for being you.

And if you post 3 approved items within 14 days, your contribution to keep clothing out of the landfill will earn you another 50 Kudos.

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